10 best places to eat in U.K. 

You will be surprised but I’m not sharing a recipe today. Indeed for 2017 I decided to challenge myself and pay more attention to my blog. I can’t promise you but I’m going to try to post twice a week. There will be a post every Monday (7:00 UK time) where I will give you some advice, teach you some tricks, or simply reviewing a product or a place. The second post will still be a brand new recipe every Wednesday (18:00 UK time).
So I am kicking off this new “topic” section with my 10 favourites restaurants in UK.
I lived in England for 2 years and I have to say as well as being the best time of my life I’ve also learned so much about cooking. My baking skills got better because even if UK is not far away from France, the way of baking is very different. Before my immigration in the Shakespeare’s land I have never used an electric handwhisk to mix butter or cream so I have to admit the kitchen was a bit messy at the beginning because in France we don’t bake with butter and cream. But apart from ruining kitchen tiles I experienced so many good restaurants. Of course in 2 years I didn’t get the chance to try all the restaurants in the UK (I wish I did) but if you are playing tourist or are simply running out of ideas here is my top 10 of the restaurants I ate.


Let’s start with a classic of British restaurants. Created in South Africa, this place is heaven for chicken lovers. It is one of the biggest chains in UK and Ireland so you will have no problem to find a restaurant nearby. I have to say it took me a while to go there because some people told me it was overpriced for a piece of chicken and a bowl of rice but I really could not leave without giving it a try. So yes, some meals are a bit expensive but if you order sharing platters it is affordable.

Sugar & Snow

Sugar & Snow is located in the little town named Horsham (West Sussex) and as they call themselves it is an “ice cream parlour & pancake house” but I would say it is paradise to me. When I discovered this place I just couldn’t believe it because we don’t have this thing in France!! Mouthwatering ice creams and pancakes or waffles I was only seeing on TV. It was so more than delicious that we used to get there every Tuesday with my friends. When you come in this shop you are not you anymore but your 6 year old self.

Creams cafe

Similar to Sugar & Snow this is my kind of restaurant!! Creams is a cafe offering ice creams (Italian gelato), waffles and all the good god delicious things North Americans invented. The inside of the venue looks like an American diner and you barely passed the door that you are excited like a kid just staring at all the incredible flavours of ice creams. There is no real menu here but this place is perfect to hang out with your friends or your kids.

The Diner

If I remember well I found this place thanks to hannahlouise who posted a picture on instagram. As the name says it is an American diner in the core of Soho in London. It is a bit pricey but it has a wide range of meals: burgers, pancakes with bacon, milkshakes, fries with cheese on top.  The only convenient is that if you want chips with your burger you have to pay extra (what the British call sides) that’s why when you are on a budget it could be a bit dissapointing. I ordered sweet potatoes pancakes and it was delicious whereas my friend ordered a burger with a juicy meat and it was one of the best burgers she ever ate.


Wayside Cafe

For Easter holidays,  I went to visit Devon and Cornwall with a friend. We dropped our bags at our hosts and they brought us in a sweet little restaurants in a small town named Widecombe in the Moor which is located in Dartmoor Park to have a cream tea. I don’t know the price of this restaurant because we were invited but seriously it was THE BEST CREAM TEA EVER!! The best scones, the best clotted cream and a very good strawberry jam served with a teapot. What more could you ask for?

Pretty Things

Another little tea shop in a little town it’s Pretty Things in Horsham. First of all it has the most instagramable facade but it also has a very cosy atmosphere. It feels like you are at your aunt’s more than in a restaurant. Of course it’s purely British desserts such as Victoria sponge cake, coffee & walnuts cake, carrot cake, served with tea or coffee. Don’t be shy to book a table because this place is always busy.

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a london based venue that you can find in the hypest boroughs  of the city. This place is great for brunch and hungover recovery. Great coffee, smoothie and plenty of options for your brunch like eggs benedict, pancakes, English brekkie for example. The atmosphere is very young and friendly. You can be at a table with people you don’t know during peak time so I would advise you to call for a booking if you don’t want to be bothered. Seriously go for the pancakes because they are so tempting and I have some regrets now because I decided to have (very delicious too) eggs benedict.


This chain of restaurants is a must-eat for people on a budget! Unfortunately there is only one in London located at the O2 Arena but if you check the website you can find them everywhere across the country. I swear it was my stomach saviour when I was backpacking in UK or when my friends were running out of cash. If I remember well you can have an unlimited breakfast for £3 or a full meal (starter, main and dessert) for less than £10. And the quality of the food is not neglected. It is as good as any restaurants. Everything’s good out there so really pick whatever you want.

Pub anglais

Naturally if you are visiting the Nation of Sherlock Holmes a British pub is a thing to do. Simply because you will find all the British specialities: fish & chips, Sunday roast, curry,… You just can’t find more British than this.



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