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My After Surgery Diet

I had this article in the back of my head for a while but I didn’t think I would have to write it and post it this early. Indeed, I had a surgery last September because of gallstones. The several doctors said it was strange for a 23 year old to have this issue but anyway, I had to get my gallbladder removed. All of them agreed that you don’t have any inconvenient after the surgery, according to them it is similar to the appendix removal because you can totally live without a gallbladder. So after your recovery you can practise the activities you’re used to do, you can eat as if nothing happen…
But unfortunately this is not true. My parents also got their gallbladders removed and there are some food they can’t eat anymore as for me I can’t digest dairy products as well as before. It is such a pain in the bottom for me because as a good Norman I loooooove dairy products: I can’t start a day without my cup of hot chocolate, I can’t eat pasta or rice without cream and so on. But now I don’t really have a choice so I still drink and eat dairy products but I reduced the amount of milk, cream and butter I used to consume before.
That’s why from now on I am testing dairy free recipes and you could find a dairy free category in the menu if you want to give it a go too whether you have a lactose intolerance or not.
HOWEVER! I have some questions regarding the alternatives like soy, coconut, almond milk and cream. I really want to try it so I could keep on cooking cheesecakes, creamy pasta,… but I’m scared of the taste of these products. Is it really tasty or not? If you could enlighten me on it that would be great. 🙂

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